Nouveau Bar & Grill - College Park, Georgia

Dirección: 3775 Main St, College Park, GA 30337.
Teléfono: 4043436785.
Página web:
Especialidades: Bar restaurante.
Otros datos de interés: Se identifica como empresario negro, Se identifica como mujer empresaria, Asientos al aire libre, Entrega a domicilio, Para llevar, Consumo en el lugar, Asientos en la terraza, Deportes, Karaoke, Música en vivo, Presentaciones en vivo, Almuerzo, Cena, Cena en solitario, Entrada accesible para personas en silla de ruedas, Espacio accesible para personas en silla de ruedas, Estacionamiento accesible para personas en silla de ruedas, Sanitarios accesibles para personas en silla de ruedas, Alcohol, Aperitivos, Bebidas en hora feliz, Bebidas fuertes, Bocadillos, Café, Cerveza, Cócteles, Comida, Comida casera, Comida en el bar, Comidas durante la madrugada, Comidas en hora feliz, Platos orgánicos, Platos vegetarianos, Vino, Desayunos, Desayuno-almuerzo, Almuerzo, Cena, Postres, Espacio con asientos, Sanitario, Sanitarios unisex, Tiene bar, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi, A la moda, Agradable, Informal, Amigable con LGBTQ+, Espacio seguro para personas transgénero, Grupos, Recomendable para ir en familia, Turistas, Se recomienda hacer reserva para la cena, Se aceptan reservas, Pagos con dispositivos móviles mediante NFC, Tarjetas de crédito, Tarjetas de débito, Tarjetas de crédito, Sillas altas, Estacionamiento, Estacionamiento gratuito, Estacionamiento gratuito en la calle.
Opiniones: Esta empresa tiene 2977 valoraciones según Google My Business.
Opinión media: 4.3/5.

Ubicación de Nouveau Bar & Grill

Nouveau Bar & Grill 3775 Main St, College Park, GA 30337

Horario de Nouveau Bar & Grill

  • Lunes: Cerrado
  • Martes: 12–10 p.m.
  • Miércoles: 12–10 p.m.
  • Jueves: 12–10 p.m.
  • Viernes: 12 p.m.–12 a.m.
  • Sábado: 11 a.m.–4:15 p.m., 5:15 p.m.–12 a.m.
  • Domingo: 11 a.m.–5:15 p.m., 6:15–10 p.m.

El Nouveau Bar & Grill es un popular bar restaurante ubicado en 3775 Main St, College Park, GA 30337. Asegúrate de visitarlos al llamar al 4043436785 o visitando su página web

Este negocio es dirigido por una empresaria negra, lo que lo hace único y especial. Es un lugar acogedor y agradable, donde te sentirás como en casa. Ofrecen una variedad de servicios, como asientos al aire libre, entrega a domicilio, para llevar, consumo en el lugar y asientos en la terraza. No te pierdas sus presentaciones en vivo, música en vivo, karaoke y deportes en pantalla grande

En Nouveau Bar & Grill, podrás disfrutar de una deliciosa comida en cualquier momento del día. Ofrecen desayunos, desayuno-almuerzo, almuerzo, cena, comidas en hora feliz, comidas durante la madrugada y platos orgánicos y vegetarianos. No te olvides de probar sus deliciosos cócteles, cervezas, vinos y aperitivos

Este lugar es accesible para personas en silla de ruedas, con estacionamiento y sanitarios adaptados. Además, es un lugar amigable con LGBTQ+ y un espacio seguro para personas transgénero. Puedes visitarlos con tu familia, amigos o incluso en solitario, siempre serás bienvenido

El Nouveau Bar & Grill cuenta con Wi-Fi y espacio con asientos, por lo que es perfecto para trabajar o estudiar mientras disfrutas de una buena comida y bebida. También es recomendable hacer una reserva para la cena, especialmente durante los fines de semana.

Este lugar tiene una calificación promedio de 4.3/5 según 2977 valoraciones en Google My Business. Los comentarios de los clientes destacan la excelente atención al cliente, la deliciosa comida y la buena música en vivo.

Opiniones de Nouveau Bar & Grill

Nouveau Bar & Grill - College Park, Georgia
NèCole Whitehurst

I would recommend coming here early before it starts. Sometimes it's a wait. There are two sections of the building. One is more for dinning in and the other section is more of a lounge bar with a club experience. I came here with a group of people. Luckily, they had space for us. They celebrate birthdays here as well! The bartender, Frenchie, was so sweet and checked on us periodically. I enjoy my time here. I suggest getting the buffalo shrimp. It is so tasty!

Nouveau Bar & Grill - College Park, Georgia
Taylor H

This was my second time visiting Nouveau (first time in Jonesboro) and they didn’t disappoint. The deviled eggs were delicious. The catfish and grits is amazing! And the sweet potato waffle? Omg. I wish they had a Chicago location. Definitely a go to whenever I’m in Atlanta from now on.

Nouveau Bar & Grill - College Park, Georgia
Matt Thacker

The food was amazing! The waitress (Dee!l) was attentive and made great recommendations and the atmosphere was great. Also enjoyed the cocktail specials. I would love to give this place a 5 ? review but when we received our check (parry of two) there was an 18% service charge. We also tipped Dee appropriately (20% if I recall). The 18% service charge in my opinion was a hidden and unfair charge which I do not understand or agree with in this context and I was not sure if our absolutely fabulous waitress would recieve this 'fee' or what so I felt like we were basically extorted out of $18 because I wasn't going to risk shorting Dee after her great service. I don't think I would eat here again due to the bad feelings I have about the service charge. I am not cheap and the food was fairly priced for an upscale establishment. It just doesn't feel right to get hit with an extra $18 fee so it left a bad taste in my mouth. If you do not mind the fee- the Deviled eggs (with chicken bits) and the fried asparagus are Amazing! The chicken dish we tried also absolutely amazing! The oreo beignets desert also yummy! My mouth is watering just thinking about these fabulous dishes.

Nouveau Bar & Grill - College Park, Georgia
Carla R

The food was great and so were the drinks. You’re going to wait over an hour to get your food, but once you get it, it’ll be worth it. I had the Windy City Crab Cakes and my friend had Salmon. We both thoroughly enjoyed our meals, but the overall experience.. not so much. The ambiance and the vibe wasn’t for us. We were both ready to go. The service was okay, could be better and more attentive maybe. It took awhile for someone to come over to our table. We both agreed we wouldn’t return.

Nouveau Bar & Grill - College Park, Georgia
sharon foster

Thank you guys for a marvelous dining experience! Frenchie was so down to earth! She convinced me to try those deviled eggs ( ordered by my coworker) I was NOT disappointed. That Holy Water is on point truly refreshing.

Nouveau Bar & Grill - College Park, Georgia
Michelle M

I ordered online when i got to the restaurant I waited atleast 10 minutes at the front before someone acknowledged me. After that a man asked what my pick up order was he never came back. After another 10+ minutes a young asked me what my pick up order was and she immediately brought it out to me. The man I assume was a manager since his shirt was a different color he had terrible customer service.

Nouveau Bar & Grill - College Park, Georgia

I was in the area and decided to search restaurants nearby. This place was 8 min away. I walked in and instantly enjoyed the ambience. The staff was nice and gracious and greeted us very welcoming. I ordered some honey butter bisquits and the fried chicken with fries. The food was so good. It was fresh and very flavorful. The portion size was very good for the price. The waiter was extremely nice and very knowledgeable about the menu. He help assisted me and my family with ordering based on his favorite choices . I can’t wait to visit this location again and ordered different things on the menu due to the great experience i had visiting. Kudos to the staff can’t wait to return.

Nouveau Bar & Grill - College Park, Georgia
S Rios

My first time there. Awesome experience. The wait staff were very pleasant, smiles and all. Food was fantastic! If you like Catfish and Grits, you will NOT be disappointed! Loved the music too!