Aragon House - London

Dirección: 247 New Kings Rd, London SW6 4XG.
Teléfono: 02077317313.
Página web:
Especialidades: Restaurante de cocina europea, Bar, Coctelería, Recinto para eventos, Restaurante de alta cocina, Pub restaurante, Pub, Restaurante.
Otros datos de interés: Terraza, Comer allí, Para llevar, Buena carta de tés, Acceso para sillas de ruedas, Asientos adaptados sillas de ruedas, Bebidas alcohólicas, Café, Cerveza, Cócteles, Comedor privado, Comida vegetariana, Licores fuertes, Platos pequeños, Platos veganos, Vino, Desayuno, Brunch, Comida, Cena, Postres, Sitio para sentarse, Acogedor, Exclusivo, Informal, Romántico, Grupos, Ideal para familias, Se aceptan reservas, Con móvil por NFC, Tarjetas de crédito, Tarjetas de débito, Tarjetas de crédito, Se admiten perros en el exterior, Se admiten perros en el interior.
Opiniones: Esta empresa tiene 289 valoraciones según Google My Business.
Opinión media: 4.3/5.

Ubicación de Aragon House

Aragon House 247 New Kings Rd, London SW6 4XG

Horario de Aragon House

  • Lunes: 9:00–23:00
  • Martes: 9:00–23:00
  • Miércoles: 9:00–23:00
  • Jueves: 9:00–23:00
  • Viernes: 9:00–24:00
  • Sábado: 9:00–24:00
  • Domingo: 9:00–22:30

Aragon House es un acogedor lugar ubicado en 247 New Kings Rd, London SW6 4XG, que destaca por ser un restaurante de alta cocina europea con una amplia variedad de especialidades. Además de su exquisita oferta gastronómica, este establecimiento cuenta con un bar, coctelería y un recinto para eventos que lo convierten en un lugar ideal para cualquier ocasión.

Entre las características más destacadas de Aragon House se encuentran su terraza, perfecta para disfrutar de una comida al aire libre, así como la posibilidad de optar por servicio para llevar. Su buena carta de tés, variedad de bebidas alcohólicas, incluyendo cócteles y licores fuertes, junto con platos vegetarianos y veganos, hacen de este lugar una opción versátil para todos los gustos.

Con 289 valoraciones en Google My Business y una opinión media de 4.3/5, Aragon House ha logrado posicionarse como un sitio acogedor, exclusivo, e ideal tanto para familias como para parejas que buscan un ambiente romántico.

Para aquellos interesados en visitar este encantador lugar, es importante señalar que Aragon House cuenta con acceso para sillas de ruedas, asientos adaptados, comedor privado, así como la posibilidad de disfrutar de desayunos, brunch, comidas, cenas y postres en un ambiente acogedor y acogedor.

Si estás en busca de un lugar con una propuesta culinaria variada, un ambiente agradable y una atención de calidad, no dudes en contactar con Aragon House a través de su página web: No pierdas la oportunidad de disfrutar de una experiencia gastronómica única

Opiniones de Aragon House

Aragon House - London
macarena soria

Muy mala atención. La comida es rica, pero la atención deja mucho que desear, los mozos se equivocaron todos los platos trajeron todo a destiempo sirvieron mal el vino y quedaron personas sin beber vino. Desastre.

Aragon House - London
Loli P Ll

No puedo valorar las habitaciones porque solo estuvimos en el pub. Está bien y tienen mucha variedad de bebidas pero hay muy pocos empleados para tanta gente. No tienen servicio en mesa y hay que pedir que la limpien cuando cambia de clientes. Se puede reservar!

Aragon House - London
Natalia fernandez cueto

Ambiente agradable. La comida muy buena. Tiene área para fumar.

Aragon House - London
Damian Barczyk

My recent visit to Aragon House for their Sunday roast was an experience worth sharing. Opting for the Wellington, I was genuinely impressed by the culinary craftsmanship on display. The dish was flawlessly prepared, encapsulating the essence of what a perfect Sunday roast should be. Beyond the exceptional food, what stood out to me was the level of service. The staff were not just attentive but genuinely helpful, making the dining experience even more enjoyable. Aragon House has mastered the art of hospitality, seamlessly blending exquisite dining with warm and welcoming service. Whether you're in for a meal or a stay, this place guarantees a memorable experience. Highly recommended for anyone looking to indulge in a top-notch dining experience or a comfortable stay in a friendly atmosphere

Aragon House - London
Ivan Andriyanov

Been to this pub twice, both times I’ve noticed that the bartenders & staff were unexpectedly rude. They can raise voice and behave inappropriately, but we have got used to it. However, a couple days ago they managed to ruin our birthday party - after being shouted at during garden area closure, I saw one of their staff (lower ground bartender woman, 18.05.2024) SPRINTING towards and KICKING one of our friends with a DOOR - she did it on purpose when our friend accidentally used this door to exit lower ground. First and I hope the only time in my life I see a person being kicked with force by pub staff using a door…
Although this pub has a fair selection of beers, some food menu, nice garden area and average interior, I’m never coming back here to be shouted at by the staff and possibly being beaten by random objects ? So far the worst pub experience I’ve had.

Aragon House - London
Aslı Çırağan

We came as a group of 10 to celebrate our friends birthday and until 9 pm we sat at our table in the garden. We were informed that the garden would be closed therefore can take a seat in the greenhouse downstairs. After we change places, due to a loss of signal, I briefly stepped out from the garden door I entered from and shut the door behind me. In seconds, downstairs manager lady started running at me, open the door so aggressively that it was almost hitting me and started to shout her lungs out at me in front of my friends and everyone, somewhere along the line "get the *** inside, garden is closed!". I asked to what do I owe such an aggressive, offensive and disrespectful attitude but the lady kept shouting at me. I can't understand how a restaurant can be treating a client as such?! We left the venue immediately, shocked that we didn't get an apology. This unacceptable behaviour and the place needs to go to a managerial change. Extremely disappointed and frustrated

Aragon House - London
Samantha Colden

Popped in a couple of times over the weekend while staying with friends in Fulham - once for drinks and once for Saturday lunch. The staff are lovely, food is great and they do a fabulous Bloody Mary. The setting is really lovely, it's dog friendly and our pup appreciated the dog station (complete with treats) at the entrance to the pub.

Aragon House - London
Mai Torres-Quevedo

An experience absolutely worth a Michellin Star at the Aragon House!!!

Pez and Nick provided impeccable service, making our visit truly beautiful & memorable.

It was my first time visiting Aragon, I thought to myself - what a delightful place this is; everyone is lovely, welcoming, have charming smile on their faces, and the ambience is full of love and fun.

The food and drinks were outstanding! I was not expecting such remarkable work of art and delectable food.

We indulged in an incredible Sunday Roast - Whole baked Camembert, garlic & rosemary, sourdough, Cured meats selection, cornichons and sourdough, Pork belly, creamed cabbage & bacon, mashed potato, pink peppercorn jus, Lamb shoulder shepherds pie, savoy cabbage & peas. Food was absolutely made with love, and the portions were generous.

A par excellence gastronomic delight, leaving myself and my friends thoroughly satisfied and impressed. Each bite was bursting with flavor, that just melts in my mouth.. Moreover, the staff and service rendered is phenomenal! Thank you again Pez & Nick for making a truly magical dining experience. Highly recommended for a hearty meal and for that genuine feel good experience! Can't wait to return!

I just have to say that even the potatoes are so delicious indeed!